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Update does not work

Stuck for hours in a loading loop which does nothing. Try agaibn, restart, try voodoo, nothing works. Even though (or rather, because) I’m a Mac dev since 1984, i’m getting major p-o’d that Apple is getting so Microsoft-like. I know people who have less hassle with Windoze !!!

worse ide ever

Unstable, lacking basic features (refactoring, code formatting [real one], etc.), a terrible project setup format that is a nightmare for version control. The list of problems qith this ide is so big that they should start over (with the UX) Apple make everything they can to make it impossible to have a competitor for this ide and there is almost no way to develop for iOS with something else so we have no choice.

Bad buggy new release

This new release of XCode has been released by far too early. It is not mature, and has many severe bugs or annoying problems. Examples : * Can’t read old XIB files without crashing - worse, as you re-start, XCode will try to read this same XIB file that made it crash and… crash again. The only solution to get out of this crashing loop is to remove the XIB file from its folder in the finder so that XCode don’t find it any more * Over flooding the console with XCode internal messages. This is making your real NSLogs into tons were useless information. * Some framework don’t work at all any longer, such as CNContact (mac OS only, iOS is OK). Any access to the CNContact store returns a nil CNContact. And many ohters... The best advice I can give is to wait for 8.1...

Too many bugs and lack of some basic features

This release of XCode contains too many bugs and lacks of features… - Project doesn’t re-open correctly (no files on the left navigator, bad syntax and references on the files opened), force us to close and open again the project. - When you select an item on the interface builder, the item is not set as selected on the properties editor or you cannot move with the arrows keys… I select the item like a button or other directly, it said that there is nothing selected. Thanks to this bug, I realized that I can modify the file as text and increase a frame... - You can’t do basic things… I dont even know if it is possible to duplicate a line without selected them, copy, paste… And some awesome plugins who do this, doesn’t work when XCode is updated.

Could be way better with few improvements

There are too many huge flaws that completely destroy the efficiency of the IDE: - Code completion is super slow to be updated when updating symbols, this requires the user to build the project by himself - Many IDE crashes - No refactoring for Swift (can’t believe this is real) - Compiler super fragile that raises misleading errors frequently - UI editor buggy, even adding a button to a controller fails very often

xcode failed to download

Stuck on 0kb and then shows error...

Hard to refactor

There is still no way of renaming variables and methods for Swift in 2016!

Haven’t auto update

Why the Apple doesnt update xcode instead build other version? Every time a have to download new version, make it easy, I want to developer, not waste my time downloading new xcode.

Still crashing on localization import

release notes say its fixed but for me the app is still crashing when im importing localization files. Even the ones just created by Xcode itself

The worst IDE

xCode is the Worst IDE I know. Here are the reasons why: Starting with 3 Stars: - 1 Star Usabillity: No "Quick Fix" for Errors, every IDE I know has "Quick Fix" options; No documentation preview in autocomplete, every IDE I know has a documentation preview; The Drag and drop in the storyboard is simply a bad idea, why i cant autogenerate - 1 Star Build System: If you change to build the project with Cocoa Pods you have to open the right color file. I don’t care if its blue or white, this is not intuitive apple. - 1 Star Tools: Code Formatter, QAPlugs (Checkstyle, PMD) are not available. - 1 Star Source Control: The Source Control is the biggest joke. If you move your porject to a different path you have no chance to update the path in xcodes Source control system. And how can I ignore files, I always have to click every single file I want to commit; How to create Branches and so on? - 1 Star: Crashes a lot; One crash every 8 h - 1 Star: Importing Frameworks, Libs: Its to complicated… in some cases makes a total of -2 Stars. Good job apple, you make developer life easier.


This is quite literally the worst piece of software I ever had to use.

Wow, really great. not.

Like every year, Xcode and Swift also became a bit more shitty this time as well. Hundrets of issues to fix because of nonsense syntax changes and Auto Layout is not working anymore. Thank you, Apple.


Worst, slowest, stupidest IDE on earth. Completely unsuable on older Macs. Deliberate obsolescence of developers’ machines?

Voll ok

Keine Probleme, solange man nicht Interface Builder, Core Data Model Editor, Code Completion oder Syntax Highlighting verwendet.

Seems stable.

I have been productive. No issues so far developing with Swift. (Playgrounds still randomly crashes once in a while.)

Some improvements, still not prefect.

In the new version, Xcode’s code completion has improved slightly, it shows suggestions while typing even if spelling is worng, etc. But, in some cases it is slower, for example: when a custom class is just imported, it doesn’t show up in code completion. Also, I presonally prefer the look and feel of old Instruments. The Other issue, is Xcode keeps giving un-related errors, specially when one line of code has an error –like an incomplete if statement– then you can see a bunch of other errors show up, completely un-related and redundant, just because of a missing brace a few lines above them. This problem has become worse in the current version. A really annoying problem that we were experiencing for years, and it persists version after version without fix is: the iBeam Cursor on dark editor background is invisible. The woraound is to replace the iBeam Cursor image manually, which should be re-done after each upgrade. A white cursor with a black border is visible on both dark and light background. I don’t understand how making a more visible cursor seems to be so difficult for Apple!

Not bad

Still missing thread_local in C++, but over all the editor is fine enough.

Installation difficulty

It took me four tries over several hours to install this, and it failed every time my computer went to sleep. And it doesn’t want to clean my project as quickly as it did before, seems stuck.

Download + Install Fails

Same as the other review, why must we complete this process via Apple Store? It just isn’t working, already tried downloading and installing it 5 times, when the download does finally complete (2 out of 5 times so far) the install seems to fail and then it restarts the download. Can we just download once so I can at least tackle any install issues seperately? This is the most frustrating experience ever, these new updates might be work more than one star, but since it doesn’t work then I can only give one star. Please fix this soon!

So many bugs...

There are so so many critical bugs in the new release, as usual.

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